Made in Equality

Humanizing the RMG sector

About the project

Storytelling platform creating transparency in the global supply chain by humanizing RMG workers

Global Change with Local Stories

We partnered with C&A Foundation to bring transparency in the supply chain using real stories to change global perception about the industry.

Forming an identity

Mapping out the brand elements to create a brand that speaks for the industry.

From digital platforms to events & print media, our objective was to create an identity that would represent equality. 

The MiE initiative would reflect a collective effort to document, highlight and communicate the changes made at organizational and policy levels to empower workers. 

In order to maintain neutrality, we chose to work with colors, icons, and typography which were soothing & memorable. 

Strolling in the slums

We went down to various slums across Bangladesh where the workers live on minimum wage and covered their everyday life stories. We kept the stories authentic, and picked up on the little moments of joy and positivity that mattered to them.

A story of a garment worker in Dhaka

In her own words

Simple comments, immense admiration

We compiled a collection of comments and reactions from our social media pages and compiled them into a booklet which was circulated among the workers we surveyed. Their stories changed the global narrative. It was important they know that too.

Women's Day

Equality for All

The Bangladesh RMG industry, a driving force of our economy, comprises 80% women. To celebrate their contributions to this industry, we created two short videos in two consecutive Women's Day campaigns. 

Two Worlds Everyday captured the journey of two women who come from different backgrounds but share the same aspirations.

This campaign was followed next year with Shiuly'r Golpo - a video story that showed the journey of an empowered woman who sustained her family independently.

Meet the Makers Exhibition

At the heart of the city

We believe that there is an opportunity to transform how the public perceives garment workers, factory managers, and others and that this can lead to public advocacy on their behalf and greater consideration by consumers of their role in the garment industry. We hosted the Meet the Makers Exhibition to help our audience understand & read the stories in person. We created a small booklet with stories for the attendees as well as presented the books to the workers whose stories we published.

We collected hundreds of stories, eventually publishing 175 of them on our website and across social media; mapping out the elements to create a brand that truly speaks for the industry.

This initiative was supported by C&A Foundation, with a vision to change the way the world perceives garment workers. The apparel industry touches 150 million lives around the world, shaping livelihoods for marginalized workers & empowering them.

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