Publishers have been baffled by Facebook’s latest algorithm changes. As it seems the changes have not been in their favor. They are losing traction like they are gone with the ketchup! However, we have just figured out the ultimate and most basic hack to tackle these updates! Facebook makes changes to their platform more often than teenagers change their boyfriends these days. So first, let’s walk you through each of the updates, and give you some hacks to get around: 

Update #1: More content from the same source

Previously, Facebook had a rule in place to not show multiple contents from an individual source. They did not want specific publishers to monopolize your news feed. While this meant you came across news from a wider network, it also meant you were missing out on some posts you might have found more relevant or ones you cared about.


CONTENT! As a publisher, you would want to engage with an audience who are keen on your field. What better way to engage them than through content? Now that Facebook allows multiple posts to appear from one source, users who like your content can have more of it! This means more active users on your fan page which is practically an asset across Facebook.

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Update #2: Balance the right mix of content

Facebook is trying to introduce a proper mix to your newsfeed where both friends’ posts appear as much as page posts. But hey, don’t pages we like and interact with count as “friends” too? Facebook’s take on this again, is that people don’t want to miss out on updates from their close friends. As a result, pages are losing out on a lot of traction.


Brands with a healthy fan base that is also active will have a major win here. If they consistently post quality content, more of their fans will engage with the page. Hence, the reach will increase. To go beyond your core fan base, you have to get your followers excited enough to share your content. This will further increase your reach and page value.

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Update #3: Push down posts about friends liking and commenting on places

When first announced, this news was absolutely terrifying for publishers who relied on a second-hand reach! No more leveraging through likes and comments from just a bunch of active fans. Updates about your friends liking or commenting on certain pages or posts are now pushed down the news feed or may not appear at all!


A large fan base without active users is of zero value. Publishers now need active users more than ever and it’s so beautifully simple: Content Marketing. Now, more than ever, you need quality and effective content to drive engagement.

“Content Marketing is all the marketing that’s left”

– Seth Godin

People engage with content they resonate with. Therefore it’s essential to bring your content to a raw, humane level and appeal to your customers’ emotions. If you want to survive social media, you have to do it right. Read more about improving your social media presence here.

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