{: en}Whenever a discovery or observation is made, the term ‘insight’ is coined. This is a common mistake. When business problems are solved, observations and deductions are considered to be insights. Insights are meant to provide ground-breaking solutions to problems, and if it is not doing that, then it isn’t an insight after all.


The senior management of any brand does not only want insights about “the surprisingly obvious emotional truth”, but also uses those insights to develop cost-saving solutions that build the brand. But there are very few diagnostic tools and processes that empower them to do so.


Modern insight-finding techniques like ethnography and netnography are great tools to find actionable insights. People believe that conventional market research will lead them to insights on solving a problem, but nothing can be further from the truth. Doing this will only tell them how much of a problem or opportunity exists while providing no real solution.


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Most people don’t want to disclose the true ideas behind what they do, or the brands they choose. Often, they are self-delusional about the truth of their brands.


Why so? People always buy with their hearts, then rationalize actions with their minds. It isn’t easy to reveal matters of the heart, which is why they end up justifying their rationales. But we all know that brands are built on ‘emotional’. It’s discovering the ‘emotional’ that leads to ground-breaking solutions.


I have been fortunate to learn and implement this process for WebAble Digital and its clients. Now you have an opportunity to learn these tools at the Insights2Solutions workshop conducted by Sumit Roy. 


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Who should attend the Insights2Solutions workshop?

Anyone who wishes to be considered a 21st-century brand architect.  Unless you already know how to find insights that lead to solutions, whichever silo you belong to, if you are in the business of growing brands, this seminar is for you. You can sign up for the workshop here.


What will participants learn?

  1. How to spot a true insight
  2. How to use ethnography to find insights
  3. How to co-create the solution to a brand challenge with the consumer
  4. How to create prosumers. (Those who recommend the solution/brand to others)
  5. How to generate alternative solutions based on a true insight
  6. How to determine which solution will be the most sustainable for the brand

So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and sign up for the workshop here. Good luck, see you there.{:}{: bn}বাংলা{:}